“Get Access To External Innovation Via Technology Transfer In A Cost-Effective Way To Move Ahead”


Technology Scouting is an essential element of innovation management system, which identifies emerging technologies, channels that technology related information into an organization and supports the acquisition of technologies. It is the starting point of a long-term and interactive matching process between external technologies and internal requirements of an existing organization for strategic purposes. It is known to be a part of competitive intelligence which helps decision makers to make strategic business decisions and also track their competitors’ IP and business strategies.

There can be no innovation and competitiveness without full awareness of the environment. To create new things, one must know of the existing ones.

Solution We Provide

Patent-by-patent analysis is done to map the patent with the claimed features of the product and further categorization based on the type of coverage viz. primary or peripheral coverage, which helps in identifying, collecting and analyzing the competitors’ activities around a particular technology. This patent segmentation and ranking further allows you to identify the gaps in your technology portfolio. By prioritizing the potential opportunities based on the match to the client’s gaps and originality, we evaluate the context of the top opportunities, which includes freedom to operate issues, ability to exclude and SWOT analysis.


With the help of actionable information we provide, you can identify the gaps in your technology portfolio and fill them on favorable terms. This will enable you to discover breakthrough technologies in their earliest stage, which could help you establish joint research initiatives with academic institutions developing new technology critical to your business.