A Peak Into Our Services

Patent Landscaping Analysis

Patent landscape analysis consists of a set of technical references and accompanying analytics from which important legal, business and technology information can be extracted. This information enables large corporations, startups, universities, research institutions, and investors to generate novel technology, identify possible companies or technologies to license or acquire, design around others’ technology to side-step litigation, or to avoid spending time and money on duplicating technology that has been developed previously or may already be on the market.

White-Space Analysis

White-space analysis is an innovative decision-making approach with in-depth analysis of patents in a particular product or technology area. We generate reports which help our clients understand the technology growth and identify white-gap area in the form of charts so that they can plan further R&D and innovation for new product development. It also helps them avoid the risk of getting sued for infringement by a third party.

Valuation, Technology Scouting & Mapping

Claim mapping helps companies understand which patents cover which technologies and products. We deliver actionable information to our clients pertaining to technology licensing, design and use, and possible infringement which further enables them identify the strengths and weaknesses of competitors’ IP portfolios.

What Process We Follow

“Making Patents Work for Strategic Business Advantage”

Our comprehensive process involves giving our clients a complete overview of patent landscape based on a unique and valuable perspective on any specific technology and its commercial interests. Our services are designed to help you extract the business value you need to reach your long term business goals.

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